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Hazelnut & Processed Nuts for Confectionery

Boxon Food had been serving high quality Turkish origin nuts products since 2001 from Turkey and new branch in Europe with its warehouse is at service in Barcelona. Istanbul Hazelnut and Products Exporters Association have more than 200 members and represent the companies which export all kind of hazelnuts and products. About one third of Turkey's total hazelnut export is realizing by this association members. Boxon Food is in the first twenty companies of export leaders list for years.

Nuestra Empresa

Nut Specialist


Production & Certificates

The naturally grown Turkish hazelnuts are processed in our modern processing plant which is located in Ordu, North Turkey where the main supply of best hazelnut. Boxon Food operates quality management systems such as ISO 22000, BRC, Halal and Kosher Certificate which has been assessed as confirming for all applying processes including production and quality controls. Randomly selected samples are tested with determined procedures in hygenic and technologically equipped laboratories.


Nut Pastes

For Special Requirements

For Home Chefs & Gourmet Professionals

Best quality ingredients will inevitably affect the overall taste and flavour of the finished product. We know this reality and put our 100 % pure nut pastes into jars with our brand BONUTTY for home chefs and gourmet professionals. Best way to make healthiest snacks for your kids.